Cherouk A abdel- hakim Yassin
This thesis is a study to investigate the relationship between sales promotion and consumer impulsive buying behavior in Hypermarkets in Egypt. In this study, the researcher more specifically, investigates whether there is a positive relationship between sales promotion and consumer impulsive buying behavior not? The results obtained by using qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis. It gives a broad overview of the impulse buying construct and the various behavior related aspects in the field of retail industry in Egypt. The definition of impulse buying and the types of the in store promotions are examined. Researchers and Practitioners have been interested in the field of impulse buying for the past seventy years (Clover,1950 Stern, 1962 Rook, 1987 Peck and Childers, 2006 Chang et.al, 2011).A wide range of journal databases and books were referred to review the works of various researchers. The content analysis of the various research works led to the classification of literature into different factors influencing impulse buying and further development of research framework and develops a new theory. Customers of hypermarkets participated in an interview and a questionnaire, responses were noted for comparison. The results were collected and evaluated. The concluding chapters examine that there is a positive relation between the in-store promotions and impulse buying behavior, size of shopping basket and saving customer’s money. This thesis will be useful for marketing practitioners and researchers towards comprehensive understanding of the consumer’s impulsiveness and retailers for the improvement of impulse buying into the hypermarket and for customers to understand what lead them to buy impulsively in Egypt. A number of recommendations are made concerning the need for further investigation in the subject. The multiple aspects of the subject are categorized for future research works in the area of impulse buying with the suggestions. Keywords: Impulse Buying, Consumer Behavior, In-Store Promotions, Hypermarket.