Samar EL Khouly
Improving the Likelihood of Success in CRM System Implementations: A Case Study in the Middle East Public Sector
Organisations of all kinds are striving to operate and function in the most effective and efficient way. Today’s rapidly changing environment has created many challenges for organisations to achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively. Competitiveness, customer satisfaction and customer retention are some of the many approaches academics and practitioners have investigated. Recently, customer relationship management (CRM) has received wide interest and many researchers have provided a plethora of findings on both theory and practice platforms. While many followed approaches aimed towards identifying success factors affecting CRM implementations, this research paves the road towards developing a level understanding of CRM by organisations to lead to an increased chance of success, rather than resulting in success. To achieve this, the researcher generated a set of success drivers (SD) by procedurally analysing factors presented in the literature. These SDs were then utilised to develop a conceptual framework. The SDs and the proposed conceptual framework were assessed and validated using an in-depth single case study on a ed public sector organisation established and is operating in the Middle East. Findings from the case study led to an enhanced set of SDs and hence, an enhanced framework. In an attempt to narrow the gap between theory and practice, this research produced a set of SDs and established relative importance for each SD that may be used to resolve conflicts prioritise decisions. Moreover, links to CRM components and phases were established to pin point how (using the definition of the SD), where (with regard to what CRM component) and when (during which phase of implementation) to apply each SD. The developed framework may assist organisations planning to implement CRM, and organisations that are considering extending improving an already adopted CRM system. The framework acts as a roadmap towards improved likelihood of successful CRM implementations.