Dalia Fahmy Amara
Sustainable Events Tourism: A case study of Egypt
Tourism has been a key force in promoting events their growth and expansion. Destinations are increasingly keen to share their culture, environment and spending opportunities with visitors by promoting a variety of planned events. It has become widely accepted that every community and destination needs to adopt a long-term, strategic approach to event tourism thereby planning, management and development in order to realize the full tourism potential of events. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of events- especially in uncertain times- and how destinations can use events as a tourism product. The paper provides an overview of festivals and events held in Egypt, highlighting major guidelines for sustainable events taking into account positive as well as negative impacts of events with the aim of improving the local economy and increasing Egypt market share of international tourism through enhancing Egypt positioning as an international tourism destination. Methodology: Descriptive qualitative approach is followed. Information is obtained through primary and secondary data. Keywords: Events, Tourism, Promotion, Sustainable, Egypt.