Rehab-Allah Fouad El-Badrawy
Designing, developing, and testing a mobile health reservation system in the Egyptian context
The main subject of the research study is the implementation of m-health reservation system at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Egypt. The AASTMT was ed as a case university that offers health services to both staff members and students. The proposed system is based on the current electronic medical records of the academy's staff at the clinic. The study tries to answer the research question: 'What are the main usability problems that affect user experience with regards to m-health reservation system?' In order to answer the research question, usability test was developed and tested on two phases, where respondents were asked to actually reserve an appointment at the academy's clinic and to perform typical tasks using an iPhone 3G. The experimental evaluation was carried out at a controlled laboratory environment. The experiment was recorded, analysed, and conclusions were derived.