Ahmed Moussa El Samadicy
Tourists’ Souvenir Buying Behaviour and Retailers’ Consciousness of Egypt Visitors Souvenir Buying Profile
Abstract Risk is an inherent component of travelers’ product and destination choice. Individuals have different perceptions of possible destination choices, and tend to be risk-averse risk- taking to different degrees. Destinations differ in many respects their location, historical experience, to political instability, ethnic conflicts and crime. Given these differences, the analysis of destination risk and its components is of substantial interest. A random sample of foreign tourists visiting Cairo was surveyed in addition to a mail survey. The study aimed to measure visitor’s perspective on issues they consider before and after visiting Egypt after the 25th revolution circumstances. It revealed that risk perception is affected by media and marketing communication messages. and that a need to develop innovative approaches to risk management and assessment has become vital helping in risk mitigation and disaster recovery. Keywords: political instability, risk perception, decision making, destination choice, media, Egypt.