Nevien F Kourshed
Placing Performance Measurement and Performance Management in Context of Strategic Management Process: A Conceptual Framework
This paper shows the importance of performance measurement and management within the strategic management process clearly not through using one more of the performance measurement tools and techniques such as (BSC benchmarking). This deductive, explanatory, qualitative research criticizes several strategic management processes (SMPs) in order to introduce a new conceptual strategic management process (SMP) taking into consideration the findings of the SMPs criticism and finally answers the research question “Where is the performance measurement and management process placed in the strategic management process?” This paper finds out that SMPs presented in this research have one more missing elements that affects the SMPs' overall performance. Accordingly the authors propose a new framework that reallocates Performance Measurement and Management process in relevance to the classical SMP. The research is limited to criticising SMPs that uses one more of the Performance Measurement techniques models not SMPs in general. Finally, the paper proposes an improved new conceptual SMP to help researchers and practitioners understand the consistencies between SMP and PM&M.