Mahmoud A. El-Sayed
Influence of Critical Process Parameters on the Quality of Friction Stir Welded Nylon 6
Friction Stir Welding (FWS) is a relatively refreshing joining approach developed in the early nineties. Although originally intended for aluminum alloys, the research of FSW has now extended to a variety of materials including steels and polymers. The work presented here was to evaluate the effect of process parameters such as tool rotational speed and traverse speed on the tensile strength of friction stir welded Nylon 6. The results showed that a combination of high speed and low feed rate would result in the best ultimate tensile strength of the weldments. Optimized welding conditions of 1250 rpm rotational speed and 10 mm min⁻¹ feed rate resulted in the highest UTS of the FSW joint which was equivalent to 48% that of the base material.