Akram S Soliman
Environmental impact assessment for coastal resorts using electronic model
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in Egypt can be traced back to year 1982 at the provision of law number 48/1982 concerning the protection of the river Nile and waterways from pollution. However, the real beginning of the EIA in Egypt dates back after the ratification of the environmental law number 4/1994 to all new establishments or extension of existing ones. The main objective of this paper is to present a standard report of EIA for a coastal resort using an electronic model (a designed computer program built under visual studio.net 2003). The EIA report has been extended to include a Coastal Management Plan (CMP) for the resort shoreline. The EIA report includes a description of the existing coastal baseline data and monitoring plan. The electronic model is designed as a web-based program, which can be provided on the internet for large public. More classified projects and more concerned Competent Administrative Authority (CAA) can be added to the model. As a result, a lot of time and efforts would be saved for both investor and Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), which could promote establishing new projects and help develop the national economy. It could be recommended that EEAA exploit the proposed model to simplify the classification of different projects and to monitor any kind of emissions resulting through the different phases of the projects. This would facilitate assessing the environmental impacts of the projects.