Akram S Soliman
A coastal management plan for Northern Western Coast of Egypt
The Egyptian government organized several developmental programs directed to the North Western Coast zone hoping to divert the people's movement away from urban centres. About one hundred tourist resorts are - or, will be - built in this zone. However, many problems related to the coastline protection has been appeared in the North Western Coast. Moreover, it is expected that the coastline erosion and flooding at coastal zones during storm surges will be increased in the near future especially if we take into consideration the changes in global climate. These problems will affect tourist industry and will lead to adverse effects to the Egyptian economy. The current study introduces a Management Plan Strategy for North Western Coast. This Coastal Management Plan will protect the North Western Coast from the erosion and accretion problems. The Coastal Management Plan should include a management strategy and a monitoring plan for the North Western Coast. A new technique of artificial submerged reef protect the coastline from erosion problems is presented. A case study of an artificial submerged reef constructed at Australian cost with friendly environmental material is illustrated. The artificial reef has the purpose of decreasing the long-shore sand transport which resulting in widening of the beach.