Akram S Soliman
An approach to Environmental Management for Egyptian Northwesten Coast.
Egypt is an arid land with virtually 95% of its territory uninhabited pans. The Nile Valley and the Delta area represent less than 5% of Egyptian land with more than 65 million persons inhabit this area. The expectations indicate that the size of Egyptian population will duplicate in the next 25 years. Such growing human population is creating demands on the coastal zone for living space and recreation. The Egyptian government organized several development programs directed to the Northwestern Coast zone hoping to divert the people's movement away from urban centres. To realize this objective, more than 150 tourist resorts are built -or expected to be builtalong the Mediterranean Sea from Alexandria to the Egyptian western border. However, the development of tourist resorts on these fragile areas is grown without strict environmental control. This research presents an approach to environmental management in Northwestern Coastal zone in order to protect the sea water from two main threats: leakage of untreated wastewater from touristic resorts, and the coastal erosion and accretion.