Mohamed M Mohamed Fouad Eltaweel
Implementation of Al-Tosee: The Editor and an OCL Based Code Generator
Al-Tosee is a UML based development research project to build a tool for software development. One of the main design objectives is to design Al-Tosee with an Arabic interface that is not available in the other UML commercial tools. Al-Tosee, also, is a platform-independent application that is planned to be an Open Source Software to facilitate other developers’ contributions, besides supporting the wide usage of UML standards. Currently, Al-Tosee constitutes two phases. The first phase of Al-Tosee research project, namely Al-Tosee editor, capable of visualizing and supporting the two mostly used diagrams these are the use case diagram and the class diagram. Al-Tosee Code Generator, which is the second phase, regards the development of code generator based on Object Constraint Language (OCL) that maps the syntax and semantics of a Class diagram to an Object Oriented Programming Language like Java language. This paper presents part of the implementation issues of the first two phases mentioned early. The implementation is the successive phase for requirements and design phases. The design is based on creating a customizable research project that can be extended and enhanced. The paper also includes an evaluation of Al-Tosee’s first two phases in comparison with some of the other known UML tools.