Eman M AbdelSalam
Antecedents and Consequences of Relationship Quality in B2B markets: A case study on a manufacturing Company
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine how service quality, relationship value, relationship quality and customer loyalty play a vital role in the Egyptian business to business market - and to test it empirically in agricultural business customers of chemical manufacturer with respect to their main supplier. Design/methodology/approach – A structured questionnaire was developed. The hypotheses were simultaneously tested on a sample of 499 customer - supplier relationships out of 700 distrib uted, giving a response rate of 71.29 per cent. Pearson correlation, chi - square a nd multiple linear regressions were used to assess the relationships among the variables under investigation . Findings – The findings of this study show significant positive relationships among the variables under investigation. Practical Implications – An international manufacturing company can manage its buyer - seller relationships to gain the trust, commitment, satisfaction , and loyalty of its business customers by offering high service quality. When the goal is to improve corporate marketing performance and increase business with an existing customer, managers should focus on the role of value as a key building block in their relationships. Relationship quality (satisfaction, trust and commitment) appears to be an important antecedent in establishing a sustainable business relationship. Research Limitations – The research was limited to one international manufacturing company in Egypt. Future research co uld incorporate the supplier‘s point of view, and also examine the crucial relationship network. Our model should be cross - validated with the same instruments in other industries. Also , the use of cross - sectional design restricts the inferences that can be drawn regarding casualty. Longitudinal research would enrich the results. Originality/Value – the paper adds to the understanding of business relationships in the Egyptian context by studying customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer trust , and cu stomer commitment from the perspective of relationship - value - based dimensions . This approach emphasizes the pivotal role of relationship value as well as relationship quality , which has not been studied before in Egyptian business to business relationship markets