Eman M AbdelSalam
Investigating the factors that affect mobile advertising adoption in Egypt: An Empirical Study
The rapid expansion of electronic commerce (e-commerce) along with the development of technology has changed business. Organizations have continued to expand their presence in e-commerce. As e-commerce grows, so will its impact on the economy. E-commerce provides opportunities for developing countries. It is considered an opportunity for organizations to increase competition, which will be reflected in creating opportunities, increasing employment, encouraging participation at the international level and diffusing the use of information technology. On the other hand, consumers will need to become oriented with information technology for communicating and ordering goods and services electronically. Purpose: The Purpose of this research is to investigate the factors that affect SMS mobile adoption in order to provide empirical data to develop a basic model of consumers’ adoption of mobile advertising Design/ Methodology/Approach: the study utilized a quantitative approach through self-administered questionnaires distributed on students. A sample of 403 out of 1000 distributed, giving a response rate of 40.3 per cent. Findings: perceived control of mobile advertising and location based had a significant positive effect on attitude. There were a significant positive relationship between attitude, subjective norms and emotions about mobile and mobile users’ intention. Furthermore, intention had a positive impact on adoption of mobile advertising.