Eman M AbdelSalam
Adaptability of e-CRM Solution in Multi-Organizational Context
The new trends toward e-commerce and internet applications highlighted the role of e-CRM technology for supporting the connectivity with end customers. Building and maintaining a long-term relationship with customers has become an essential issue for many organizations. CRM is a promising solution that could enable such connectivity for businesses. Since a great investment had been directed to CRM package, several cases of CRM failures were reported and highlighted deficiencies that might arise pre and post implementation. This paper focuses on key enablement of CRM solution in developing countries. This is attributable to deficient in theoretical and empirical studies in the research area. Since there is few studies discussed failure and success of CRM implementation, providing a comprehensive framework for successful implementation of CRM solution in developing countries has not been investigated that well. Therefore, the main contribution of this paper is to propose a conceptual framework that aggregate e-CRM success factors in developing countries.