Mohamed M Ahmed Saed El Wakeel
معايير الـتأهيل للأطقم السفن طبقاً للقواعد الدولية لإدارة السلامة
The ISM Code is intended to improve the safety of international shipping and to reduce pollution from ships by impacting on the way shipping companies are managed and operated. The ISM Code establishes an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships by setting rules for the organization of company management in relation to safety and pollution prevention and for the implementation of a safety management system (SMS). In spite of the technological advances, and the evolution of the shipbuilding industry, and the development of communications systems, and distress via satellite in recent years, but that did not prevent the occurrence of a number of incidents maritime disasters which have caused loss of property and lives and damage to the marine environment, and I've had some of those incidents marked effect on the international community, in accordance with the objectives of the rules of the International safety Management (ISM Code), should be on the ship owners and operators must ensure upgrading to achieve high levels of quality in the management and operation of ships through the Selection of qualified crews with appropriate expertise to meet the needs of the maritime transport market.