Wael Mohamed Hamdy Khadr
Flow Over Sharp Crested Rectangular and Triangular Curved Weirs
This paper presents the results of a laboratory study for curved contracted rectangular weirs in addition to curved triangular weirs with different weir angle. The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of the weir curvature on the flow rate over the weir. The used apparatus consists of volumetric hydraulic bench with a channel dimension of 15 centimeters width and 18 centimeters depth in addition to 20 weir set specially manufactured for this research 4 of them are curved contracted rectangular weir sets while the other 16 are curved triangular weir sets. Several weir curvatures were tried out. The radiuses of curvature used in this research were 7.5, 10, and 15 centimeters in addition plan weirs with the same shapes. For each weir set, several discharges were tried out. A comparison between the measured discharges over the weirs with the estimated discharges calculated from the well known weir equation was performed. Errors were analyzed in order to find out the discrepancies between the measured and the calculated discharges and also find out the reasons for these discrepancies. New empirical formulas for both curved contracted rectangular weirs and curved triangular weirs in addition to a new theoretical formula for curved triangular weirs were suggested to include the effect of the weirs curvatures.