Prof. Dr. Rasha Abd ElAziz Youssef Shalaby
Mobile Health Reservation System in Egypt: The Case of the AASTMT', IADIS International Conference, e-Society 2011, Avila, Spain.
The main subject of the research study is the implementing of m-health reservation system at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and maritime transport (AASTMT), Egypt. The AASTMT was ed as a case university that offers health services to staff and students in Egypt. The paper proposes a comprehensive m-health insurance reservation system. The proposed system is based on the current electronic medical records of the staff at the academy's clinic. The study tries to answer the research question: What are the main usability problems that affect user experience with regards to m-health reservation system? In order to answer this question a usability test was planned, developed and tested in a laboratory environment, where respondents were asked to actually reserve an appointment at the academy's clinic using an iPhone 3G. The m-health clinic reservation website user interface was evaluated by 9 moderately experienced users performed typical tasks. The experimental evaluation was carried out at a controlled laboratory environment to allow participantsÂ’ perform tasks using mobile device browser. The experiment was recorded, the test was analyzed, and conclusions were derived.