Prof. Dr. Rasha Abd ElAziz Youssef Shalaby
'An Experimental Study to Measure Mobile Learning System Usability at the AASTMT', IADIS International Conference, Mobile Learning 2011, Avila, Spain.
M-Learning is an emerging field, which blends wireless technology and mobile computing. This paper presents the results of a usability study of m-learning system at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AASTMT). The academy was ed as a case university that offers mobile learning services to staff and students in Egypt. The paper proposes a system that allows students to access their learning materials, view the on going sessions, send requests to instructors and communicate with their colleagues and teachers. Nine of E-commerce students were asked to take a usability test by entering a lab to perform a set of given tasks. The test was observed, recorded, and analyzed, and usability recommendations were made. The results. The results indicate the proposed system seems a good enough potential and participants were mostly satisfied.