Prof. Dr. Rasha Abd ElAziz Youssef Shalaby
An Empirical Study to Understand how ATM Decision Makers Perceive ATM Attributes: The Case of Egypt
The main subject of this paper is to investigate into how ATM decision makers perceive different ATM attributes. Stakeholders surveyed in the study are decision makers in banks and ATM suppliers in Egypt. The paper has surveyed case studies from the banking industry in Egypt using semi-structured interviews to explore perceptions and opinions within the banks and with other interested parties. The contribution to knowledge envisaged in this paper work will come from qualitative data analysis to check on similarities and differences in order to better understand the subject at hand, and a proposed framework that indicates the main ATM attributes and their ranks in terms of their priorities to decision makers within banks and to other interested parties. The framework is derived from ISM analysis using reachability matrix.