Rasha Abdel Aziz Youssef Shalaby
ELECTRONIC PAYMENT PERCEPTION: An Empirical Study Applied to the AASTMT Students
Although the advantages of Electronic Payment have been obvious to many people, it has not been widely accepted. At the same time, there are many secured electronic payment techniques available in the market. Yet they are not implemented! Accordingly, researchers should not start by proposing methods for application but rather measure the customer’s awareness, perception, and experience with the available electronic techniques. Then decide on whether the increased awareness of the electronic payment techniques and the security methods applied would enhance the customer’s appreciation for any of them. To define the electronic payment categories and techniques available, a review of literature was performed. Reviewing the literature revealed the fact that almost all the studies made on electronic payments only focused on proposing new techniques modifications of techniques, and how to promote them. On the other hand, the customer’s perception, knowledge, readiness, and experience with electronic payment was not tackled by those studies. This thesis aims at measuring the customer’s perception regarding e-cash, reasons for perceived risks concerning the e-cash, customer’s perception regarding Internet security, customer’s awareness of different electronic payment methods, customer’s perception regarding these different methods, their expectations from such systems, and their experience with them, and finally, their perception regarding the real cash and its future. A survey has been administered to focus on the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT). The complications in the current payment system at AASTMT and the need for implementing an electronic payment system were the foundations of the study.