Prof. Dr. Rasha Abd ElAziz Youssef Shalaby
‘Goal Achievement derived by the recognition of Essential Business Processes in the Industry: The case of Incom’, European, Mediterranean &Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS2012), June, Munich, Germany, pp. 391-404.
Goal achievement is an important issue for the success of any organisation. For an organisation to successfully set up its plans, business processes have to be clear enough to managers. It was seen that both business process modelling and improvement complement and reinforce one another and that improving business processes is vital for planning and goal achievement. This is particularly important in competitive markets, where building and maintaining a good customer relationship is essential to long-term business survival. Accordingly, organisational goals should include Customer Relationship Management. Thus, the main subject of the research is to examine how an organisation can determine its goals and plan to better satisfy their customers. In order to get a deeper insight, seven key decision makers at the case study organisation have been interviewed. Riva technique was used to analyse and improve the CRM process. It was found out that modelling the systems process should be among the first steps to problem solution in order to better understand the current activities and accordingly detect, adjust and improve any inefficiency that may cause customers to switch to other service providers. Business process modelling seems to a suitable vehicle to start with as it will help decision makers easily and clearly find out the improvements required in each business area in general and each process in particular. The model can help managers whether fully aware of the system newly introduced to it in planning, measuring performance and evaluating employees upon a concrete basis. Business Process Improvement can help identify whether employees realize the existence of a problem are just driven by paper work regardless of their performance results achieved. The improved system together with the way to improve, provide a roadmap for other organisations in similar circumstances.