Rasha Abdel Aziz Youssef Shalaby
El Shoubashy, H and Abd El Aziz, R. (2012), ‘An empirical study to investigate Oral health problems in Egypt: The Case of Alexandria University’, World Congress on Sustainable Technologies (WCST-2012), IEEE UK/RI, London, UK on the 19th - 22nd of No
Internet users have increased dramatically in Egypt in all services provided specifically in health area. Patients now tend to surf the Internet for medical information just to avoid long queues and reduce cost while visiting physicians. However, the increasing number of patients complaining from oral dental problems, insufficient number of dental clinics and ignorance towards general and oral dental health reveals the clear need for investigating and evaluating the dental problems in Egypt. In order to understand the main problems that dental patients face and to get a deeper view of common complains and possible treatment that could be prescribed in simple conditions, semi-structured interviews will be conducted. Based on the interviews results, an E-Dental prototype will be designed to provide tips and information about general and oral dental health, primary dental diagnosis as it readily relates to signs and symptoms, acquaintance with the common treatment procedures and directory of dental clinics and hospitals in Alexandria. Taking into consideration the patients’ requirements an experiment will be conducted where 15 participants will voluntarily perform a number of tasks using the designed E-Dental prototype. Finally, the participants will be asked to fill a one page structured questionnaire in order to evaluate the patients’ satisfaction. According to the findings, recommendations will be made and plan for future work in the E-Health sector will be suggested.