Rasha Abdel Aziz Youssef Shalaby
El Gamal, S and Abd El Aziz, R. (2012), ‘Improving higher education in Egypt through e-learning programs: HE students and senior academics perspective’, Int. J. Innovation in Education, Inderscience, Vol. 1, No. 4, 2012, pp. 335 - 361.
The large number of students per class in the Egyptian Higher Education (HE) has highlighted the need for e-learning adoption as it can serve a great number of students regardless of class capacity. Although literature is rich with studies regarding e-learning and how it is adopted, technologies cannot be adopted regardless of the stakeholders' perception, readiness and preferences. Thus, the research inquires on: 1) the effects of the perceptions of HE students and academics on the provision and use of e-learning 2) the opportunities of improving HE in Egypt through e-learning from the same perspective. Accordingly, HE students and academics, as the two main e-learning stakeholders, were surveyed. A structured questionnaire was administered to target HE students, where data was statistically analysed. Academics were interviewed and data was transcribed and interpretively analysed. Findings enabled researchers to provide HE decision makers with clear guidelines on adopting e-learning in Egypt.