Ahmed H Sedky
Development Of A Dynamic Model For Data Driven DSS
Over the past decade, Business Intelligence (BI) has been adopted by major corporations around the world. A BI tool’s function facilitates the process of taking decisions for managers. However, decision-making, especially strategic decisions, still remains an ill-defined process locked in the minds of managers. The maritime transport sector depends on documentation, data based and departmental involvement for taking decisions. This method takes lots of time for checking all the necessary documents for taking a decision and in case of missing data the manager couldn’t take appropriate decisions. The company data could be entered in a computerized system, but there does not exist any software that transforms this data into information that helps the manager for taking decisions. The proposed system focused on providing management levels with a quality assured software packages that facilitate workflow processes and help management to take strategic decisions using business intelligence concepts, major academic system analysis and design techniques to meet the ISO90003:2004 quality standards. It will also use a Data Driven DSS model which is a support system built using a data warehouse and a report and query.