Khaled M Kassem
The Liberalization of Egypt's Telecommunication Sector Measurement of the Liberalization Index (1990-2008)
Reflecting the rapid pace of innovation in information and communication technologies (ICTS), competitive market forces are becoming increasingly important in the provision of telecommunication and networking services, definitely moving the sector away of the "natural monopoly" market model. The paper starts with an introduction that highlights the importance of the research. The up-coming section part (II), following the introduction, focuses on illustrating the research problem, while part (III) presents research objectives. Part (IV) addresses the research hypothesis. Part (V) illustrates methodological procedures followed through paper while Part (VI) provides a review of previous empirical literature. Part (VII) focuses on the major developments in the telecommunication sector including Fixed-line, mobile and internet markets respectively, followed by a descriptive analysis of regulatory framework of the sector which displays laws, policies, regulations and trade barriers to the sector. At the end of this part, an assessment of the liberalization process in Egypt’s telecommunication sector is conducted. Finally, in part (VIII) conclusion on paper findings are summarized and recommendations for policy makers are presented.