Khaled M Kassem
مقومات انطلاق الابداع والابتكار العلمى العربى فى الصناعات المعرفية: مصر" , “Egypt : Challenges and Opportunities Toward
Elements of creativity and innovation in the Arab scientific knowledge-based industries Abstract The issue of creativity and innovation in the Arab world represents an obstacle in front of industrial progress this is due to the absence of an Arab research system that works on the link between research and development centers and manufacturing and mining Arab industries. Besides, on the other hand, the Arab industrial companies multi-national companies operating in the Arab world prefer to have access to technology from outside the Arab world, especially from developed Western countries like the United States of America, Japan and Germany, which encouraged many national industries to bring these technologies and thus depriving Arab research and development centers to reap the fruits of the research produced by them. In this context, the current study aims to analyze elements of the launch of creativity and scientific innovation in the Arab knowledge-based industries , because it is import ant when building a strategy of creativity and innovation to be based on the notion of priorities, which is inturn based on scientific and technological techniques related to the enabling technologies and access to future industries in the fields of electronics, renewable energy, nanotechnology and bio-fuels, as well as fields of Aerospace, aviation ,water desalination, energy storage, and other developed areas, and then catch up with the economic and social progress of the developed world.