Mohamed A Abdelrasoul
Solar and Geomagnetic Activity Effects on Global Surface Temperatures
Abstract It is a clear fact that the Earth's climate has been changing since the pre-industrial era, especially during the last three decades. This change is generally attributed to two main factors: greenhouse gases (GHGs) and solar activity changes. However, these factors are not all-independent. Furthermore, contributions of the above-mentioned factors are still disputed. The aim of this paper is relation in the longer time (1880-2011), between changer of global surface temperature (GST), and solar geomagnetic activist represented by sunspot number (Rz) and geomagnetic indices (aa , Kp ), and to what degree they are connected. The geomagnetics aa are more effective on global surface temperature than solar activity. Furthermore, the global surface temperature are strongly sensitive to the 21.3-yr, 10.6-yr, and 5.3-yr variations that observed in the considered geomagnetic and sunspot spectra. The present changes in aa geomagnetics may reflect partially some future changes in the global surface temperatures.