Mohamed Kholief
Automatically Detecting Relevant Technical Teams for Requested Issues in Issue Tracking Systems by Using Semantic Web Technology
This paper describes the outcome research project – Automatic Team Detector (ATD) system - that has been carried out as a result of implementing the semantic web technology in issue tracking systems (ITSs) to enhance their functionality, performance and qualification. An automatic team detector (ATD) semantic web based application is developed to automatically assign - without any human support - the requested issues created in Issue Tracking System (ITS) to their appropriate technical support teams to handle and fix these issues. By using semantic web technology, semantic based tracking systems can be enhanced and improved. Hence, the main goal of the developed system - Automating Team Detector (ATD) semantic web based application - is to give the answers for the following questions: To which team must the created issue in ITS be assigned? In the other words, who is going to be responsible for handing the created issue in ITS and doing the work on it until it is fixed?