Mohamed Kholief
Mobile Knowledge Tool kit to Create a Paradigm Shift in Higher Education Electronic
one of the main objectives of educators is to identifying inspiringinteractive approach to learning,to encourage students to be more receptiveco-operative in the classroom. to help educators in achieving these goals we employed constructivist epistemologyconstructivist cognitive psychology, together with the use of mind mapsdynamic mobile knowledge (dmk) toolkit. the toolkit can serve as the foundation for a new kind of integration of internet resourcesall classroom, laboratory, field experiences,when used with “expert skeletal” mind maps to scaffold learning. it is our thesis that good theory-based use of the appropriate technology can increase the benefits of using mind maps in educationlead to dramatically improved education. in this paper we first explored the mind maps concept, then we presentedexplained the advantages of dmk toolkithow this can support mind mappingintegration of a whole array of learning experiences. in the last section we presented two case studies to provide the evidence of how the dmk toolkitmind maps can lead to education paradigm shiftenhance the outcome of the learning experience in higher education.