Alaa Eldin Ahmed Khalil
A Robust Temperature Control in BMS Using Fuzzy Logic
ABSTRACT — The paper is devoted to design and implement of a robust temperature controller in a Building Management System (BMS) using Fuzzy logic. The proposed controller is based on controlling the output of the 3 way valve to mix two fixed temperature water paths to achieve the Selected temperature inside the desired range. The control objective is defined in terms of a Fuzzy goal and a Fuzzy decision-maker is used to find the membership function of the optimum Fuzzy control signal at each sample time. Advantages of this method include model transparency, the possibility to expert knowledge into the model generation, and economy in computational effort in generating model output. A software program implementing the proposed approach has been developed in the framework of Matlab program. Experimental data were extracted from the system. The performance of the Fuzzy model-based controller is compared to that of a conventional PID controller. Results show that satisfactory control of the temperature is possible, with a minimum of control activity. Finally, some conclusions are introduced. Index Terms — BMS, Fuzzy Logic