Sherif N. Ezzeldin
Energy and Carbon Emission Savings due to Hybrid Ventilation of Office Buildings in Arid Climates
Hybrid Ventilation is an intelligent system of indoor environmental control in which passivecooling measures are supplemented by mechanical systems in order to maintain asatisfactory indoor environment with low energy demands. In order to evaluate hybridventilation performance for office buildings in arid climates, preliminary bioclimatic analysisand building dynamic thermal simulation methods have been applied for a single-zone officespace with varying internal heat gains. The suitability of four locations for passive and hybridventilation strategies was tested through four bioclimatic analysis methods. The results ofthe bioclimatic analysis are compared with that of dynamic thermal simulations. Energyconsumption of the prototypical office buildings using hybrid ventilation is compared to thoseusing conventional cooling systems. The ability of hybrid ventilation strategies to maintainadequate comfort conditions in arid climates with reduced energy demand is demonstrated.