Ahmed Abd Elaziz
Smartphone Payment via Flashlight: Utilizing The Built-in Flashlight of Smartphones as Replacement for Magnetic Cards
tSince society nowadays depends deeply on technology, smartphones, smart payments and credit cardsin most daily tasks, it is a necessity to provide a secure, easy and inexpensive way of communicationbetween the smartphone and automatic teller machines (ATM) card readers. In this paper, we havepractically implemented a system which replaces the magnetic card with the built-in flashlight of anAndroid smartphone to transmit the data stored on the magnetic strip to a small, inexpensive moduleon the ATM. The feasibility of the system is tested using two different common types of smartphoneflashlights: the high brightness, low speed Xenon flashlight and the comparably low brightness but fasterlight emitting diode (LED) flashlight.The implemented system succeeds in sending the required information error-free at data rates of 15 bpsand 500 bps using Xenon and LED flashlight, respectively, over a short distance light shielded channel.When tested in outdoors noisy conditions without light shield, the higher brightness Xenon is morenoise resistant than LED. However, the system experienced challenges due to the interference of ambientlight especially with larger distances between transmitter and receiver and in too bright environments,proving the necessity of a light shield.