Dr. Sara Yousry Saber El Gamal
An Investigation of the Quality Measures for Distance Learning in Higher Education
Distance education faces a lot of challenges that differentiate it from traditional education and makes it difficult to assess its quality. The main purpose of the study is to outline a clear frame in which the quality of distance learning in higher education can be measured to help all faculties/institutions offering distance education assess their level of service delivery through the proposed model suggested in this research. The research followed the qualitative approach in which a survey was carried out that included two kinds of questionnaires distributed among the lecturers delivering distance learning and students taking the courses at the Productivity and Quality Institute. The survey also included structured questionnaires among lecturers and students taking the questionnaire to determine their comments on the items included in the questionnaire. The research also included a comparative study between the results achieved at the Productivity and Quality Institute and the results achieved by the pioneer faculties/universities offering distance learning at the USA to determine the weak and strong points and takes them into consideration while proposing the model. The outcome of this research has been the establishment of a model for measuring the quality of distance learning in higher education that could be utilized to test the quality of distance education programs objectively.