Dr. Sara Yousry Saber El Gamal
The Perception of Students' Regarding E-Learning Implementation in Egyptian Universities: The Case of Arab Academy for Science and Technology
Adopting e-learning in a country with high population, with over 80 million like Egypt, needs clear understanding of the Egyptian students' characteristics, perception, and cultural aspects. The large number of students per class in higher education in Egypt has even highlighted the role of and the need for e-learning as it can serve a great number of students regardless of the class capacity. This paper will focus on the Egyptian students as the customer in the e-learning process. It will try to identify the students' education preference, perception regarding e-learning mode effectiveness, and their e-readiness to its adoption by answering the following questions: What is the preference of the Egyptian students' regarding HE mode in Egypt? What is the students perception regarding the effectiveness of e-learning as a Higher Education mode of learning in Egypt? A structured questionnaire was designed and administered to target higher education students both in Alexandria and Cairo as the two main cities in Egypt. Data collected was statistically analyzed using SPSS. Findings enabled the researchers to make conclusions and recommendations regarding e-learning implementation in Egypt Keywords: e-learning perception e-readiness cultural aspects.