Ahmed Wa Shetewy
Short Hand Practice Jeopardizes Ship’s Safety: Application of crew endurance management systems on board supply boats to mitigate fatigue related factors and for better working environment
In an era where ships registry is a source of national income, new flexible management systems may be adopted to attract flagging-in. There are public/social responsibilities and safety culture promotion among the industry’s stakeholders, inter alia. In contrast, by strictly applying the safety/legal obligations, flagging-out most likely would occur unless a compromise on safety would take place. This paper aims to show some of the challenges facing Administrations e.g. the absence of an international agreement regarding the criteria of safe manning. Maritime Administration must accept challenges by applying newly proved success theories as applied in other developed countries. It would improve the safety culture of seafarers and shipping companies, in parallel. Crew Endurance Management studies maybe adopted for better working environment. Particularly, fatigue related factors, such as the short hand practices the 6-hours-on, 6-hours-off watches particularly on board supply boats serving the offshore industry that are a root cause of chronic fatigue, which may lead to accidents, may be studied and new solutions could be adopted.