Ahmed Wa Shetewy
The need for a new safer design of lifeboat release mechanism system
Accidents during mandatory lifeboat drills are becoming more and more common crew member suffer injuries while carrying out their duties in lifeboat drills and inspections. Employers, authorities and society always place blame on ship's crew in lifeboat accidents. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) reported that inadequate maintenance, lack of familiarity with equipment and unsafe practices during drills and inspections are behind the causes of accidents. This paper observes sharing of visions, views and ideas that life boat accidents occurred mainly during drills and inspections due to faults in the on-load release mechanism, errors by the crew premature release, incorrect resetting of the hook after use. In addition this paper addresses the important causes of life boat accidents through examination and reviewing of past life boat accident report studies undertaken by International bodies. In other words, the objectives of this research is to provide explanations of the contributing factors behind lifeboat accidents, with an emphasis on how design affects these factors Also the paper shows that the gap between compliance with Life Saving Appliances code (LSA code) and safe operation in place due to unsafe design of on-load release mechanism as well as in reality inability of crew to familiarize themselves with many different types used on board ships. Finally, this paper recommends highlighting the necessity and urgency of improving of the existing lifeboat on-load release system, which is a central issue in lifeboats accidents.