Iman Gamal Morsi
A Novel CuInS2/Polyaniline Base Heterojunction Solar Cell
Copper indium disulfide (CulnS2) has direct band-gap energy of about 1.5 eV and a large absorption coefficient, which are well suited to the photovoltaic conversion of solar energy. In this task a novel florin doped tin oxide (FTO)/CuInS2/ polyaniline base/ZnO/FTO hetrojunction solar cell was fabricated. CulnS2 thin films were electrodeposited onto fluorine doped tin oxide substrate by the electrodeposition technique. Current–voltage characteristic curves were measured under darkness and illumination. It found that Jsc, Voc, and η are 3.2x10-6 A/cm2, 0.714 V and 1.92x10-3 % for FTO/CuInS2/ZnO/ITO herterojunction solar cell while Jsc, Voc, and η are 3.25x10-6 A/cm2, 0.724 V and 1.8x10-3 % for FTO/CuInS2/polyaniline base ZnO/ITO herterojunction solar cell.