Dr. Hebatallah El Mesmary ElMesmary
A swot analysis for enterprise resource planning implementation in fast moving consumer goods sector in egypt
Since Fast Moving Consumer goods (FMCGs) is a highly challenging and competitive industry, this research aims to identify and evaluate the impact of implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in FMCGs organizations in Egypt with a view to supporting the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chains of such organizations. The research uses a mixed research methods approach. A case study research approach is applied whereby three case studies of multinational and private FMCGs organizations were conducted through a set of in depth interviews. A number of 60 questionnaires targeting ERP project managers and users were also performed in the three organizations that have already implemented the ERP systems. A SWOT analysis was finally developed based on the questionnaires' and interviews' outcomes. It was revealed that ERP implementation had a positive impact on the supply chain performance in the FMCG sector however, such implementation is accompanied by some difficulties and problems that hinder both system's successful implementation and the companies' performance improvement. The results showed that there is a wide range of factors associated with problems at the ERP implementation phase that need to be addressed if the implementation is to be successful. There is a paucity of research regarding the ERP implementation in the supply chain management of FMCGs sector in Egypt. The research builds upon the current literature relating to the impact of ERP implementation on the companies' supply chain performance, specifically analyses the problems encountered and highlights the prospective opportunities behind ERP implementation in Egypt. The paper provides: (1) a review of ERP system components and areas of implementation in the supply chain (2) An illustration of the positive impact of ERP implementation of the supply chain management of organizations (3) an in-depth description and SWOT analysis of ERP implementation in the FMCG sector in Egypt.