Dr. Sara El-Gazzar
The misappropriation of the sugar supply chain in Egypt: Causes and obstacles
Sugar is considered as one of the most important commodity to the Egyptian consumer, thus making the sugar industry one of the highly strategic industries in Egypt. Noticeably, the Egyptian sugar industry has recently been suffering from many complications. One main complication is the growing penetration of misappropriation of assets within the industry which is hindering the industry and subjecting it to major threats. This paper aims at identifying the main causes and obstacles of misappropriation in the supply chain of the sugar cane sugar in Egypt. The paper identifies the nature of the Egyptian sugar industry and the participants involved in the Egyptian sugar cane sugar supply chain. Semi structure interviews were conducted with parties from the business sector, governmental sector, market officials and consumers to shed light on the current situation of each participant involved, including the government, business, market, and consumers, up on which the paper clarifies the main causes and obstacles triggering misappropriation in the Egyptian sugar supply chain. Finally, the paper concludes with some concluding remarks and recommendations for possible solutions in addition to suggestions for further research.