Heba S Mohamed
Express and Do Impress! Integrating-on-line Technology in Teaching Maritime English
In nowadays digital era, some Maritime English teachers may feel cast away by the idea that their younger students are regular users of different technology tools that invade the market on daily basis, whereas the teachers themselves are struggling to manage their way and keep up with this digital era. However, the old saying of “express, do not impress!” is no longer valid. The aim of this workshop is to familiarize Maritime English teachers with some of the free-of-charge on-line technological tools which they can integrate in their classes – not only to express but also to impress – in order to build rapport with their students and to keep them engaged inside and outside of the classroom. These tools include Blogs, Podcasts, Web quests, instant messaging software, Mind Mapping, E-mail, Twitter, different Tubes, Moodle, Sloodle, and Second Life. The workshop will focus on hands-on learner-centered activities on to how effectively teachers can use one two of these in class – as time permits. Key Words: Technology Tools - Virtual World – Blogs - Instant messaging – Tubes - Podcasts - Learner-Centered activities.