Heba S Mohamed
Written Feedback that Empowers not Impedes! Using Microsoft Word in Providing Feedback on Student Writin
The need for Maritime students to master academic writing skills for their study is well recognized. It is our responsibility as Maritime English Teachers to ensure they do. In our quest to do so – in a process-oriented, multiple-draft writing class, we may fall in the trap of appropriating students’ writing. Do our expectations as Maritime English teachers and our students’ actual interpretation of our written feedback match in terms of authority and attitude? More precisely, shall teachers abandon their authoritative image and adopt a facilitating, consultative role shall their knowledge and expertise qualify them to implement their authority positively, empowering student revision? Based on the results of my MA thesis, this workshop is intended to provide Maritime English teachers with practice on how to provide written feedback effectively using Microsoft Word while considering both attitude and authority issues, drawing their attention to the different variables that could affect student views of the written feedback and of the variables that would empower students to become autonomous writers. Key Words Written Teacher Feedback – Microsoft Word – Authority – Attitude – Autonomy – Perceptions