Heba S Mohamed
Create and Utilize Online Quizzes in ELT
In nowadays digital era, some English language teachers may feel cast away by the idea that their younger students are regular and active users of web 2.0 tools, whereas the teachers themselves are struggling to keep up with all this technology, let alone integrating it in their teaching. Instead of being a passive consumer of already made online quizzes, it is the time for English language teachers to actively participate in integrating technology in their teaching. In this step-by-step 90-minute computer workshop (beginner), the participant, guided by the presenter, will learn (1) how to create their own online quizzes via a free-of-charge, user-friendly website, (2) how to utilize online quizzes in the teaching/learning of various English skills, and (3) how to interpret and utilize the results of these quizzes in evaluating the teaching/learning process.