Heba S Mohamed
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! Using & Creating Visuals in Maritime English
If you ask anyone how important a picture is, he she automatically replies: "A picture is worth a thousand words." No one can deny that an image may be more influential than an extensive amount of text, especially if your students are of lower-intermediate proficiency levels. With the advent of technology and the Internet, visuals have become important communication medium and tool in learning a foreign language. It remains to ask: Do Maritime English instructors recognize the value of using visuals in learning a language? Do they actually use visuals in teaching Maritime English? How do they use them? What uses do they know of but do not implement and Why? This session presents the results of a questionnaire administered to Maritime English teachers investigating these questions. The study reflects on the pedagogical value of using visuals in teaching Maritime English. The audience will be engaged in hands-on activities on how visuals can be incorporated in the teaching and assessment of the different skills of Maritime English. A demo on where to search for visuals and how to edit them is given to ensure the audience will be able to apply these in their classes. Key Words: Visual Thinking – Editing Images – Maritime English Skills – Copyright – Professional Development.