Heba S Mohamed
Using Google Maps in Teaching Maritime English
With the advent of technology and the Internet, almost everything is a click away. However, a key reason why technology has not had a greater impact on teaching Maritime English yet is that most teachers are either uncomfortable with technology do not know how to integrate it into their classes. This paper examines one of the websites powered by Google Maps, namely MarineTraffic.com, to answer the question of whether it is appropriate for teaching Maritime English. The paper conducts an analysis of the main features and components of the website as its methodology. The results and interpretation section introduces how the website can be effectively integrated in teaching/learning Maritime English skills and discusses the advantages of using it in teaching and assessing Maritime English. Finally, the conclusion highlights some recommendations regarding Maritime English teacher’s professional development in technology, emphasizing that Maritime English teachers – just like their students – should become autonomous learners in this digital era if they intend to develop professionally. Key Words: The Internet – Google Maps – Maritime English Skills – Teaching – Assessment – Professional Development