Amr S Nossir
الأستفادة من نظام التعارف الأوتوماتيكى لزيادة مستوى سلامة الملاحة البحريه
Theses title: Use the Automatic Identification System (AIS), to increase the safety of navigation. Given the importance of navigational aids to increase the level of safety of navigation and the preservation of the marine environment and because, for the development of that seen in electronic devices, such as ECDIS, radar, and automatic identification system (AIS) the research aims to provide a proposed replacement of some of the navigational aids that are used (RACON) with (AIS) of the coast of Arab Republic of Egypt after showing the possibilities of a (AIS), after the description and careful analysis of the data and information to Navigation Aids and to follow scientific methods to address these data and information to reach the best results is the emergence of some of the deficiencies of some of the navigational aids provided by(RACON) and also the results of the experiments that have been worked by the General Authority for lighthouses in the United Kingdom and Ireland to determine the efficiency of conventional and modern racon with the new technology radar, which showed no signs of conventional racon on the new technology radar and these experiments shows the importance of providing navigational aids with (AIS) instead of (RACON). and also the results of the tracking system (SiiTech), which Recommended by research to install in the Arab Republic of Egypt which have the ability to track the navigational aids equipped with (AIS) through the Internet. Finally, the results of experiments conducted by the two countries of Denmark and Turkey to benefit from the automatic Identification system to increase the efficiency of navigational aids, which were the results very important is the importance of providing navigational aids with (AIS( automatic Identification system.