Ayman F. Wanas
Social Mobility and Green Open Urban Spaces, With Special Reference to Cairo.
Many rudiments and dynamics formulate the quality of life in cities one of them is urban green space. Green urban area plays a vital role in improving the quality of life in cities, on the environmental level and social level as well. This paper examines the interrelationship between socio-economic mobility and the form, the use and the quality of green space with a particular reference to Cairo, Egypt. It also seeks to determine the critical factors in making those spaces up to user's expectations. The paper debates the notion of green urban spaces, development through time and the type of users in association with the socio-economic and political dimensions through a comprehensive literature review. It critically observes and documents the changes and the transformations in the green urban open space in Cairo, which, happens in consequent with socio-economic changes and political drifts taking Zamalek district, Cairo as a field study area. The paper reaches its results using correlation analyses, which approves the interrelationship between socio-economic mobility and physical changes and transformations in urban green spaces.