Ayman F. Wanas
Social Cohesion in Cairo: Toward Better Understanding of the Potential Role of Urban Design.
Society in Cairo is composed of distinct, cultural, social, and economic groups with different lifestyles. However, aspects of life in the city appear to be characterized by segregation between these groups rather than by interaction among them. The concern is that this may lead to an increased fragmentation of the population and alienation rather than to the cohesion needed for a healthy society. Unfortunately, most of the urban public spaces in the city do not seem to contribute in bringing the different groups of the society together to promote interaction among them. The aim of this article is to promote a better understanding of the potential role of urban design in contributing to the social cohesion among the different components of the society in Cairo. It presents a review and analysis of the relevant international and local literature to explore current knowledge about the topic and identify existing gaps in this literature. In its conclusion, the article clarifies and outlines directions for needed future research.