Ali M. Nabil Allam
The Question Answering Systems: A Survey
Question Answering (QA) is a specialized area in the field of Information Retrieval (IR). The QA systems are concerned with providing relevant answers in response to questions proposed in natural language. QA is therefore composed of three distinct modules, each of which has a core component beside other supplementary components. These three core components are: question classification, information retrieval, &#97 &#110 &#100 answer extraction. Question classification plays an essential role in QA systems by classifying the submitted question according to its type. Information retrieval is very important for question answering, because if no correct answers are present in a document, no further processing could be carried out to find an answer. Finally, answer extraction aims to retrieve the answer for a question asked by the user. This survey paper provides an overview of Question-Answering &#97 &#110 &#100 its system architecture, as well as the previous related work comparing each research against the others with respect to the components that were covered &#97 &#110 &#100 the approaches that were followed. At the end, the survey provides an analytical discussion of the proposed QA models, along with their main contributions, experimental results, &#97 &#110 &#100 limitations.