Nancy M Rizk Mohamed
Service oriented e-learning systems: the web 2.0 approach
E-learning usually focuses on learning material, now it’s widely recognized that there is a continuous research in the field of e-learning and its relationship with different concepts in information technology it’s widely known that knowledge management primary focus is how to create, use, share, and store knowledge in organizations. In learning organizations learning content can be referred as knowledge, so that it can be found that e-learning and knowledge management are interrelated and require a collaboration culture that could foster knowledge networking with technology as an enabler, Which can be implemented around Web 2.0 concepts where people can share ideas, thoughts, and experiences. This concept of e-learning can be best implemented using service oriented architecture to achieve greater and better service agility to respond to organizational changes.In this paper an e-learning framework is used to propose a service oriented architecture for e-learning system that combines the knowledge management and web 2.0 approaches