Dr. Mohamed Elsaadani
MITAM - A Modified ICT Adoption Model for Developing Countries: Case of Business Teaching in a Developing Country
Although around the world both developed and developing countries are starting to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to reform education, there are enormous differences among these countries as the developing countries have an overall system that has vastly different conditions from those existing in developed countries. These conditions that differentiate between developing and developed countries must be taken into consideration when trying to adopt ICT in developing countries. This work aims to evaluate the extent to which western-developed models of ICT can be applied in one of the developing countries. Accordingly a number of enhancements were added in the development of a modified ICT adoption model (MITAM) with the purpose of evaluation, side-by-side with the application of a ed western-developed model for comparison. Thus, this work might be considered as an initial attempt to address the tensions that exist in applying ICT implementation models designed for developed countries to the conditions in developing countries.